Rest in peacefull sleep my dearest son David Aaron Scudder     Born December 7, 1990 and passed away on June 17, 2012     
David took his own life tradgically on June 17, 2012.  His last words to me on a text was " I love you and am sorry for everything...I thank you for everything you have given me. I love you very much and am so sorry". We spoke on the phone the evening before and had told each other " I love you" as we had always done nearly almost everyday.  I am paralized beyond belief that my Sonshine is gone.  I love you David with all my heart and soul timelessly forever and ever and ever. We will see each other again on the other side.  I cannot say what I want to, no words can ever say what I feel.  The pressure was far too great and I understand what people can do to harm a precious soul. Everytime I look around I will be with you whereever I go. You no longer suffer at the teeth of the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.  You are free now, free as the rain and wind.  My crying will never end.  I love you always and forever....

Your mother
This was written after his brother died...
My dearest son David,

     I just want you to know how much I LOVE YOU . I only wish for your life to be the absolute best and for you to always know that I carry you in my mind constantly.  I think about you the very first thought in the morning from the time I wake to the very last thought before I fall asleep every night and in between my days.  I happily tell everyone I meet that I have two sons and how old, tall, handsome and intelligent they are.  I have always said these things no matter where I was and no matter to whom.  These are my feelings towards you.  I really do pray for your safety every morning and every night before I close my eyes.  I also ask the Lord to keep you safe from all harm and to protect you from all the evils of the world.  Just know that in your heart.  Keep it there.   I am so PROUD to have you as MY son.
     I always knew you were a survivor.  You learned fast and taught yourself to walk at 10 months old.  I was amazed about the things you learned before I was to teach you some basics of living at such a young age.  I truly admire your sense of being and making quick  decisions.  I will always cherish every moment we have had wheather it was positive or negative experiences.  I really miss just going to the movies with you all by ourselves.  It was rich even though I didnít have enough money most of the time.  I couldnít pay for those priceless memories.  I constantly worry about you and wish everything comes your way to enlighten your paths in the world.  I could never be angry with you, you are my son. You and Brandon will always be my number 1. No one could love you as much as I do, believe it deep down even if you never say anything. Take care my precious son, I am truly blessed that youíre my son.  

I Love you always forever and ever David,
Your mother