From the journeys of international American / South African wildlife artist Suzanne Vivette has traveled into the depths of the bushveld of South Africa to find her true love of oil painting in the wild. Her greatest inspiration of art was spent photographing and studying the wildlife  in the beauty of their natural habitat only to paint them on canvas.

      First impression of art was at her grandmother's house at the age of 5 where she saw her first great masterpiece. A very large stunning original oil painting of  Rudolf Valentino clothed in a bright red cloak mounted on a rearing white stallion (artist unknown) .It was from that first impression that changed her life...

     Suzanne studied for three years in the Kruger National Park located on the east side of South Africa, south of Zimbabwe and to west borders of Mozambique.. Kruger Park has since been renamed Greater Limpopo Transfrontier National Peace Park ,  now known as the World's largest national park. 

     Having to learn about the international community's need for art, Suzanne also brokered art to U.S.A., Europe, and Canada from Johannesburg, South Africa.

     Suzanne also has another great love, a love for parrots from which she was a  commercial Psittacine endangered species breeder for over 24 + years.  Handrearing was a speciality from artificial incubation, raising hours old hatchlings to trading for outblood of stock to regenerate the gene pool .  Due to loss of habitats in the wild, these rare endangered parrots are slowly making a comeback from near extintion.  Also specializing in avian husbandry, diet, instinctual companion behavior,  flock and nursery management.  Assisted in laparoscoptic surgical sexing along side with Dr. Scott Mc Donald, D.V.M    (formerly known as the Chicago Bronksfield Zoo veterinarian). Also colaborated with Washington State's Poultry Division's veterinarian  Dr. Dillon D.V.M from India.

     Suzanne now resides in Tacoma, Washington and oil paints all wildlife, portraits and landscapes. The artist can restore some select oil paintings to their originality and can reproduce any painting.   


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